This or That?
(Simply pick from one of the two in each question. And yes you MUST pick one!)

01. Male or Female? I don't care I want to pick both haha I dont follow any rules 👿
02. ASDA or Tesco? Wait what 😐
03. Windows or Apple? Ahh I choose both because Windows is need for my normal daily life and Aple has really great speciality in design 
04. Queen or ABBA? Hella Queen of course but I also listen to ABBA too
05. Harry Potter or LotR? LotR because I don't watch Harry Potter but I do have huge crush on Emma Watson ♡
06. Odd or Even? Odd 
07. MySpace or Face Book? Facebook 
08. Red or White Wine? Haha no I don't drink but if I do, I will go to red wine 
09. Friday or Saturday? Friday 
10. Meat or Veg? Of course meat . I am a carnivore 
11. Pokemon or Dragonball? Dragonball 100 percent and The Prince of Saiyan, Vegeta is my childhood hero 😎
12. One or Two? One
13. Ketchup or Salt? Ketchup
14. Google or Yahoo? Dammit Google of course because I hate to see Yahoo keep popup on my browser 
15. Heads or Tails? Tails 
16. Christmas or Birthday? Nope
17. Text or Call? I prefer we meet face to face because on phone or through text, I cant see your eyes therefore I cant read your expression 
18. Wholemeal or White Bread? Wholemeal
19. Fire or Ice? Ice
20. Deal or No Deal? Deal
21. Solar or Lunar? Lunar maybe 
22. Ninja or Samurai? Samurai because I hella love blade
23. Cats or Dogs? Catdog 
24. Godzilla or King Kong? King Kong because I love the actress 
25. Greek or Egyptian? Greek
26. Spots or Stripes? Stripes
27. Bath or Shower? Shower
28. Tig or Hide'n'Seek? Hide'n'Seek because I scare of it but I kinda prefer it
29. Pirates or Cowboys? Pirates just because Captain Jack Sparrow 
30. Club or Pub? Pub because oldschool life
31. Land or Sea? Land 
32. Too Hot or Too Cold? Too cold
33. Right or Left? Left
34. Sword or Gun? Sword
35. Batman or Superman? omg I choose Ironman because I'm in team #ironman
36. Explorer or Firefox? Firefox
37. Xbox or Playstation? Playstation 
38. Acid or Alkali? Alkali
39. Barbie or Actionman? Actionman 
40. Footy or Rugby? Rugby and I really like American football
41. Obese or Anorexic? Ugh-
42. Round or Square? Sphere 
43. Big Brother or I'm a Celebrity? Umm--
44. Horror or Romance? Romance that have a ghost in it
45. Apple or Orange? Apple because orange skin really annoy m
46. Rock or Pop? Rock 
47. Spend or Save? Save
48. Traditional or Something New? Taditional 
49. Speak or Listen? I'm more to listen to others problem
50. Yes or No? No
51. Change or Keep? I choose keep because no one care if I change
52. Quality or Quantity? Quality
53. Communist or Fascist? Whot 
54. Half-Full or Half Empty? Who cares
55. Minority or Majority? Minority
56. Luxury or Efficiency? Please both
57. Today or Tomorrow? Lets it be today 
58. You or Them? Me 
59. Good or Evil? Evil because I'm just being me. I'm not faking but 'good'
60. This or That? That 😪

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