Predestination : Plot twist as twisted as your intestine



So my brother ask me to watch Predestination 
as he know that I loves to watch movie or read a book that have plot twisted in it. 
So I download it and watched it and right know, I feels my mind in blank state. 
After done watched it, I need to sit in the toilet for almost an hour and stare blankly at the wall.
Because I need to hold myself back.


I seriously f*cked up.

Its not because its not good but I think its have too much plot twisted in it. 

At first, I know how the story going. I start to guess who is this woman, 
who is that man and yeah, my guess is right but then, the plot twist is been twisted like hell. 
Its like you want to go to Pulau Pinang from Melaka but you think you need you need go to Johor first and then straight to Thailand and finally back to Pulau Pinang because at least, you arrive Pulau Pinang.
This is how I feels about the plot twisted of the movie.


By the way, this movie is based on short story written by Robert A.Heinlein named All Your Zombies.

Its make me realize how great a human mind actually. 
I don't know how crazy the writer and the director mind are until they can make this kind of movie. 
This really weird, uncomfortable but its been directed and make in a good way. 
Its perfect how the story going. 
How its started and then it keep going and we keep guessing but its keep surprise us. 
This kind of movie that I really love to watch. 
Its make people think and its make people realize there is a lot of crazy thing that human can do in a good way and its play with our imagination.
 Its make our brain shock. 
Maybe its insane and nonsense, but its wake up our brain cells.
So its good.

I watched this movie almost for two hours because I need to pause it like 10th times to take a deep breath and relax myself. 
And the ending make my hair stand. 
I got the worst goosebump in my life. 
All my hair is standing like ITS STANDING WEY.

Its really great movie. 

Its almost perfect.

Somehow, I feels I kinda phobia to this movie. I'm scare I think...
And I'm in love with that woman. I mean that man. I mean Jan-- 

I dunno.

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  1. You're in love with a man? Hahhaahahahhaha

    1. Hahahaha but if you watch the movie, you understand :D

  2. Your entry also makes me alot of "twist" than the plot that they're already've made . Haha sigh* never heard the name of that movie before, is it in cinema ? What genre ? mystery ? Horror ? - Syamsid Blog -

    1. Its a insane and lunatic genre
      Its actually last year movie.
      I know you should watch it.
      No, I mean everyone should watch it and lets be crazy together

  3. Macam best je. Nanti nak download. :D


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