I really like an abandoned places.
I mean the picture of abandoned places.
I'm not a explorer
I'm just stay in my room most of time
but maybe I'm a explorer, a Internet Explorer

Okay, back to the main story.

Abandoned places.
Most of people, found it creepy
Maybe because it left for a hundred years
Looks horrible, disgusting and eerie
but for me, its really cool
Its fascinating and amazing 

 Abandoned Places From Around The World 2 abandoned church, Netherlands

Abandoned Church, Netherland

Abandoned Places From Around The World 29 Old Library, Russia

Old Library, Rusia 

I start in love with abandoned places when I found out about an abandoned amusement park
Everyone know amusement park or theme park is place full with laugh, enjoy ride and happy events
but when I see a picture of abandoned amusement park
I have this feeling that tell me even a place that give an enjoyment to a large numbers of people still can be abandoned and left just like that.

 Nara Dreamland, Japan

 Wonderland, China


Amusement park in Japan, near Mount Fuji

Prypriat Amusement Park , Ukraine

After that
I started Google some others abandon places and
It show a lot of pretty picture of abandoned places.

Like this

Its not such a normal pretty
Its not a pretty like a woman smile or a sunset view or a good artwork
Its pretty in its own way.

Its also make me think about people like me;
who is been ignored by others, who is depressed, self harm and want to kill himself
Is actually just like this abandoned places.

What I mean is
No matter how much people ignored me or forget me but I'm still here
Its not like I'm disappear from this universe.
I'm alone but I am still here
I am still exist.

This abandoned places is left alone but they still there 
They are not gone.

Some people think this place is as scary af but
Other people look them with different eyes and can see how pretty they are.
Its full with a good story
The walls tell you what happened
Some old picture left there
And the mystery is waiting to unfolds

Its tells a silent story.

And the other things is I don't understand why this castle is abandoned.
Its a castle
A really amazing castle
I would love live in this castle and party with myself.


And I'm so depressed these day.
Hope I can make through this week.

Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1]Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1]Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1]

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  1. Jangan depressed..keep calm and pray :)

  2. tmpt2 ni kalau buat movie, movie pulak gempak, trus jd kaw. pelancongan.

  3. Be strong. I might experienced what you're experiencing right now and the key is to pray and start believing yourself bit by bit. Nice entry btw ~ love the pictures of the abandoned places
    - Artsy le Bella

  4. Serious lawa - lawa semua abandoned places tu \O/

  5. sangat lawa. hi nice sharing done folo, folo me back ;)

  6. stay strong! like an abandoned place...
    tetap memukau walau terbiar..^_^
    tapi jgn sampai penghuni liar
    menjalar tanpa sedar...

  7. wau cantik jugak kan tapi still ada rasa pelik & seram sikit kalau pergi kat tempat2 macam tu. haha

  8. abandoned places is... mystery yet fascinating.
    and the abandoned church from netherland really gives me the creeps :S


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