So I have been tagged by Diya to answer 10 questions from her.
Its kinda great because I don't know what to write.
But I actually don't know what the purpose of this post.
I guess maybe to introduce ourselves to our followers
To make others know us better.
Yeah maybe.

So her questions are

1. Apa korang buat masa weekend ?

Sleep until I feels so depressed to sleep and sleep again.

2. Makanan yang paling digemari ?

Sushi, steak, Italy food, cheesecake, something really really sweet, chocolate, marshmallow--

3. Suka kucing tak ?

Hella yes, I love cats, if I can marry them, I will marry all of them. I really mean it

4. Orang yang paling dikagumi dalam hidup ?

This woman. I know how hard it is to tell yourself that you are going to be okay but at the same time, you cut yourself. I think its great to read this that she finally achieve her happiness after a long time of darkness. I hope I can be like her but I don't think I can get married and have a child because for me, marry is to have someone involve in your life but I never have someone like that before and I know I can't used to it.

5. Katakan lah korang ada button untuk melupakan seseorang, siapa yang korang yang ingin lupakan ?

I think I will choose my worst self so I can start a new life without remember how worst my past is.

6. Describe yourself in a word.


7. Lagu fav korang yang ada memory pahit or manis ?

Window by G Dragon. This song have both memory because I keep listen to this song when I broke up with my ex and then we get back like for a week, I still listen to it, then we broke up for real and I keep listen to it even right now.

8. Pernah rasa nak menangis tak tapi tak tahu apa korang menangis ?

Yeah. Depression.

9. Kalau ada stranger duduk sebelah korang dan dia sama jantina, korang akan tegur atau biar dia tegur dulu ?

No, I don't want to greet him and I don't want he to greet me.

10. Describe my blog in your own word ?



It says I should tag others blogger and ask them few questions but
I don't know who to tag and I don't know what question should I ask so I just end it here.
So, so long and good night.

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