I really like reading a manga ( Japanese comic ) since I was a kid
but the theme change age by age.
I remember the time when I really like reading a love school manga
and of course its because of the character is just so cute, the relationship just so cute 
and the way the story grow is so cute.
The ending is really cute too. 
Yea they're together, in love, of course.
And then, I like reading manga with action theme.
Like Gantz, Wolfman and Dragon Head.
The way the story going is just too different from reality make me fall in love with the manga.
Its crazy, out of mind and its make my imagination into reality.
I mean, manga reality.
But now, I really love reading manga with a theme of Slice of Life.
The story is just too common in every human life.
Its about a reality.
Its about the truth
but you must know,
the truth hurt and this theme is totally sad, totally hurt and totally make me feels down.
So I actually just reading this manga right now where someone dump by others person
and they act cool, like they don't mind about it
but then, there is a panel show they in their room and cry in their sleep.
Its makes me cry so hard.
I actually, once been cheated by my ex
but because of we not really love each other, so we just cool about it.
I mean it, I'm not sad or surprise when he cheated on me.
But I dunno why when its happen in manga, I start to cry like a maniac.
Its just so sad.
And this is a few screenshot sad moment in manga that I read.
Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3]

P/S : The commission is still open, everyone can read it on my previous post 

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