So I have been tagged by Xie and Nurul Mustafa on this Liebster Award thing.
Thank you so much to both of you. I appreciate it. Thank you.
It says that this award help some blogger to gain their followers
so its really great for new blogger, aye.

And here, the rules of this Libster Award.

1. Say thanks to the blogger who tag you. 
2. Put the banner of Libster Award .
3. Answer the question that given by a blogger who tagged you. 
4. Give 6 facts about yourself. 
5. Tag 5-6  candidates in your post for Libster Award.(The candidate must have 400 or below followers) 
6. Create 6 questions for the candidates. 
7. Tell the candidates that they have been tagged in your post. 

First I will answer questions from Xie.

Xie's questions.

1Bagi biodata pendek tentang diri kamu.

You can call me Afif, 21 years old, multimedia student and freelancer designer .( Hire me, people. I need money)

2. Apa pengalaman bercinta paling tak dapat dilupakan (manis/pahit)

Sadly, I forget everything. I really forget everything because its the past and its not so useful or help me going through my life, so I just forget it.

3. Tinggi dan berat anda 

Oh my God! This is really sensitive question. I hate this question so much so I think I just going to lie. My height is 170 cm ( Yeah nope) and my weight is 50 kg .(Its true)

4. Tujuan buat blog untuk

First, I just do it for fun. Type everything what happened in my life like this blog is my diary but then , right now, I think its help me to write the thing that I can't say or I don't have a gut to say it out loud so, yea, I write it here.

5. Bila blogwalking di blog saya,  pendapat anda terhadap saya ?

Firstly, I think you really pretty. Like really really pretty. And I also feels your blog is so cute. And I think your post is normal, because its what people always write about. Their life, their problem, their story. So overall, I love it. 

6. Kalau boleh undur masa, apa yang akan awak ubah ?
I want to back to my childhood and be a normal kid. 

Then next, questions from Nurul.
1. Tell me about yourself paling kurang 6)
I can draw 
I am freelancer designer and you can hire me
I am really sensitive toward colour
I'm not good at all in relationship thing.
I'm hella poor
I need money
2. Binatang peliharaan yang teringin nak bela
A tiger, a big tiger. Or maybe a big dog and a husky. Yep, I wanna husky.

3. Apa pendapat tentang saya

I don't know you as a person but when I open your blog, first thing I feels is calm, peaceful, relax because the way you design your blog is so great, so good. So maybe you're a neat, smart person. Ay ?

4. Tempat yang paling nak pergi. List on

I still remember when I was a kid, I want go to popular places like Japan, Korea, Paris and Melbourne but as an adult, as a sick adult, I want to backpacking and go around the world especially to a calm places, sea or mountain.
5. Tempat favourite yang wajib pergi tiap kali hujung minggu

Living room ? 

6. Macam mana korang tangani rasa low confident dalam diri

I being bullied when I was a kid and I grow up as a person that have really low confident. I hate myself, I hate to see myself in the mirror, I scare to speak in front of the class, I don't want to talk to classmate and I don't know how to making a friend but on media social Facebook, I act as a really confident person and one day, my Facebook's friends want to meet me and share our interest in art and I met them and just act like a really confident person. Its worked. Its make me want to be confident to all people in this world so first thing is you need to do the thing you hate or scare. Its hard but its work.

Okay, that's is. Phew.
And I really don't know who to tag-- Can I tag a person who tag me ? Okay I don't know.


My questions 
What you so proud about yourself
What the things that scare you the most
What memory you want to forget so bad but you can't
What is your favourite tv show
What you think about my art 

Okey, if anyone know why I can't follow certain blog ? And sometimes, I also can't see their followers. Why ? If you know how to solve this really annoying problem, please comment here okay.
Thanks :)

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  1. Auchh aifif , thank you , haha . Thanks

  2. maybe internet connection or maybe the follow button had a problem. hehe, btw thanks cause answer all my question and thanks tag me hahaha! :D

    1. Ahh okay thank you for answer :) and you're welcomeeee

  3. holla! done answering ur questions...and thank youfor tagging me...


    1. hye thank you so much for answer my questions :)


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